Bowling Tip: Do Not Forget Your Bowling Towel!

Lane conditions can make or break a bowlers game. Sometimes lanes are too oily and do not allow a bowler to perform their desired action. A top tip for any bowler is to make sure that your ball does not slip off of your hand before the release. Lane oil is the primary culprit for this disaster. Therefore, a bowling towel is a necessary accessory to carry in your bowling bag.

A bowling towel can be just about any kind of towel you wish to use. It is recommended by top bowlers to purchase towels especially made for bowling balls. These are usually small lint-free towels that wont leave any residue on your ball.

In conclusion a bowling towel is essential to your bowling success. You don’t want to end up with your ball slipping when you need it most, so be sure to purchase one for your bowling bag.

Want another tip? Checkout the bowling wrist support guide at

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